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Meetings Notice  (Jan 8, 2017 and Jan24, 2017)

General Membership Meeting (Jan 8, 2017) 

Bargaining Update (17-12-15)

Temporary changes in Union Office 

Bargaining Update (17-12-08) 

 Photo Contest

Bargaining T-shirt and Photo Contest 

Bargaining T-shirt and Update on bargaining

Wear the T-shirt to show solidarity

Smokey requesting a meeting of HOOPP Settlors

Local Election - Final Update

Update on Local Election

Bargaining Update  (Sept 29, 2017)

Children Christmas Party  December 3, 2017 Children Christmas Party  December 3, 2017 

Santa Helper 2017

General Membership Meeting November 22nd,  2017 

Support to CAAT strike (week4 )

Employee Survey - Let your voice be heard 

September 4, 2017 - Durham Labour council -  Labour Day family picnic

Cancelling 2017 Summer Family Fun Day

OPSEU Region 3 Picnic 2017

Looking for Volunteer for Summer Family Fun Day

Summer Family Fun Day 2017 

Former OPSEU President dies 

General Membership Meeting (March 15, 2017)


Winners of the Year End Draw 

Pink Shirt Day 

Bargaining Team 2016 

Special Membership Meeting (17-02-01)

Bargaining - Special Case

Action Memo from Smokey

Children Christmas Party 2016

Looking for Santa Help 2016 

Update on upcoming events

Demand Setting & Election of bargaining Team 

Bargaining survey 2016 

Time to get involved 

Safety Update

Layoff Notice 

Update-Changes to Post-Retirement Insured Benefits

New Collective Agreement has arrived

Election of Secretary 

2016 Local Election 

roles and responsibilities

Ever thinking of running for office?

General membership Meeting & Election  (Nov 2, 2016)

Indigenous Conference - Call for Applications 

Developements re: violence in workplace

Ottawacitizen.com - Royal Ottawa-Code White Trial proceeds

recorder.ca - charges laid against Brockville Mental Health Centre

Metro news.ca - Ministry of Labour has laid charges against CAMH

OPSEU press release - MOL, Police and Crown must enforce laws to protect

OPSEU 331 Picnic 2016

Looking for volunteer for the picnic 2016

OPSEU Region 3 Picnic is on June 11,2016

Concerns on Workplace Violence (June 1, 2015)

Changes in CA - 2015

March 18, 2016 - Voting for your representatives for OPSEU 2016 convention 

General Membership Meeting (Feb 10, 2016)

NDP media release on layoffs

Layoff information & change to General Membership Meeting (Nov 25, 2015) 

Looking for Santa helper

Children Christmas party 

Fighting back - attack on Pension

General membership Meeting (Nov 25, 2015)

Time off for Federal Election

OPSEU Region 3 Picnic 2015

Hihglight to award and Information Session (May 11, 2015)

Day of Mourning 

General Membership Meeting on April 29, 2015 (on site)

Mediation Dates for bargaining

Bargaining update 

Meeting on March 4, 2015


Your Local is conducting a survey on the current overtime process 

General Membership Meeting Feb 2015 - Updated

Update on Change in payroll (Jan 22,2015) 

Winner of the lucky draw - 2014 Children Christmas party

Update on 2014 Prince and Princess Photo Contest

What is conciliation

Bargaing update - November 18, 2014

Children Christmas Party

Looking for Santa helper

Bargaining Update

Result of 2014 Local Union Elections  

Bargaining T-shirt is now available

Bargaining dates

List of Nominations

General Membership Meeting and Elections - Oct 23,2014 (Updated)

Elections - Oct 23,2014 (updated)

Upcoming elections - Roles and Responsibilities

Bargaining update  

General Membership Meeting - Oct 2, 2014 

OPSEU Local 331 Members...Don't forget to wear your blues August 13th and 14th as our team is back at the Bargaining table. Show your support by wearing your Working Together t-shirt or the colour blue. We are in this together! Thanks for your support!

Looking for volunteers for picnic 

Safety Concerns

2nd Annual OPSEU 331 picnic

Annual Region 3 picnic - August 26, 2014

September Regional Education 



Bargaining update

Prince and Princess 2013

Winners for the draw 

Children's Christmas Party and Photo Contest 

Caution: calculation of severance payment 

CEO on Layoffs and changes

Memo from your Local Executive regarding Layoffs

Bargaining Team 2014 

General Membership Meeting- Election of Secretary 

General Membership Meeting Feb 2014.pdf

Announcement - Secretary 

General Membership Meeting 

Santa Claus is coming to Local 331!

Christmas Pub Night!!

Professional Liability insurance for OPSEU members

Important Membership Meeting (November 20, 2013)

Education 2013

Meeting - Demand Setting, Election of the Bargaining Team,

Bargaining Survey is out. It is important to fill it out!

Are you ready for Bargaining ?

OPSEU Region 3 November Education Call 

2013 International Youth Day Conference

The long awaited Ministry of Labour Report

September 5, 2012 Court Summary: Ontario Shores Labour Charges

Yvonne Lewis wins yet another Award!!!!!!!!!!

2012 Staff Satisfaction Survey results

 2012 Convention 

2011 Convention