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March 2, 2015

For member information               



Local 331 survey on current Overtime distribution process


The Collective Agreement provides that the Employer will develop a fair and equitable system to distribute overtime hours of work.


As you are aware, the current system for staff who are scheduled by CSSO which has been in effect since October 3, 2011 is as follows:


-          Overtime is first offered at the Unit level from the most senior employee to the most junior available employee.

-          Thereafter at the Program level from the most junior employee  to the most senior employee available; and

-          Thereafter at the hospital level from the most senior employee to the most junior employee available.

-          The order of seniority by which overtime is offered at each level (Unit, Program and Hospital) will be reversed with each subsequent six-week schedule.

We have heard from the membership that there are multiple issues with the above process and that it does not lend itself to a fair and equitable distribution of overtime.


 On the other hand, we heard from the employer that the system is working fine and the membership have no issues with it.


Your Local Executives is asking the membership to participate in this survey by completing the attached form to indicate if you are satisfied with the current system of overtime distribution.   Your Local Executives will, based on the result of the survey determine the next step.


Please contact the Union Office or your steward for the location of the form. All forms will be collected on March 26, 2015.


OPSEU 331 survey on current Overtime distribution process (March 2015)

Print Name

Please sign below if you are satisfied with the current overtime distribution process.

Please sign below if you believe the overtime distribution process requires changes.

Please provide a brief explanation of any issues which you would want addressed with regard to current practice of overtime distribution at the Centre.

(If more space is required you can attach an explanation.)