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From: OPSEU Communications Department <opseucommunicationsdepartment @opseu.org>

Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 2:19 PM

Subject: Mental Health Division Survey: Tell us your story!


Dear members,


Our Mental Health and Addictions Division executive team and members have been hard at work, raising awareness and demanding improved workplace health and safety in the mental health sector. We've raised red flags about our members' exposure to risks and hazards at work, and we've been pushing for improvements, like proper staffing levels, improved training, equipment, facilities, and more.


But as you know, workplace health and safety isn't just about physical health and safety; it's also about psychological health and safety.


That's the discussion we'd like to have with you, as we gear up for Mental Health Week 2018, which runs from May 7-14. More specifically, we want to talk about preventing occupational stress injuries (OSIs).


We know that when staff are safe and healthy, they provide better care. This results in better health outcomes for our patients and clients. We also know that when employers are on board - when they participate in identifying and addressing both the physical and psychological hazards faced by workers - they are investing in the health and well-being of the staff and the patients/clients that our organizations serve.


While employers and employees may have experience recognizing and addressing more traditional health and safety issues, it is the field of psychological health and safety which is gaining much needed attention.

Preventing occupational stress injuries (OSIs) is the new frontier in workplace health and safety; but how is it done?


This is where we want to hear from YOU! Click here to complete a short survey. Tell us your story!

OPSEU's Mental Health Division is gathering this information to create a few short videos and to develop a work plan focused on preventing both occupational stress injuries and physical injuries.

In Solidarity,


Ed Arvelin, Chair

OPSEU Mental Health and Addictions Division